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At Nurtured Birth we are on a mission to encourage families to embrace the transformative potential of their childbearing experience so they can birth with confidence and parent with intention.

We walk through pregnancy, birth and early parenting with all kinds of families, providing prenatal education and birth preference planning, a continuous reassuring presence,  hands-on assistance and comfort measures during labour, and postpartum care at home. We become your ally and safety net through the ups and downs of welcoming your new baby.

In the months and weeks leading up to your birth, we work hard to understand your goals, whether you have specific ideals or just have a sense of how you want things to go—so that however your labour plays out, we can help. That doesn’t guarantee you will get the birth you want, but we’ll do everything in our power to help you feel the way you want to feel— strong, accomplished, capable and proud.

Margaret Flietstra

I was 17, standing in my family friend’s living room as she breathed deep and with a quiet strength I knew nothing about, delivered her baby into her midwife’s hands in the comfort of her home.  It was her fifth baby, but it was my first time— and this, this miraculous and messy thing that had just happened— this is birth. I had become a doula in that moment, but I didn’t know it yet…

Years later, pregnant with my first child, I experienced myriad interventions that changed my planned home birth to a hospital transfer  to an emergency Cesarean birth. Through that experience and the work of processing and learning about what had happened throughout my birth, my interest in birth support was sparked. After delivering my second child with through a VBAC at home, I knew I had to share my knowledge and passion with other families.

Each of my three babies entered the world in their own unique way– one unplanned Cesarean birth, one home birth VBAC, and one hospital induction VBAC. I know how deeply birth experiences impact families, and especially mothers, for the rest of our lives– and that it can be tricky to prepare for birth when you can’t really plan how it will go.  I want you to have a story you’ll love to tell. As your Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, I walk alongside you and provide the continuous emotional, educational and physical support that can help you feel as prepared, calm, and joyful as possible as your story unfolds.

Patricia Hall

My first baby was born via emergency Cesarean when my waters broke early and he was presenting as footling breech. This experience sparked my mission to become better informed about birth– and that mission only intensified after my second child was born when my waters broke early, leading to an induction and cascade of interventions. It was that negative birth experience that lead me to seek out a doula for my next birth, and during my third pregnancy I was determined to plan and accomplish my dream birth– at home, in water– and finally got to feel what it was like to have the birth I desired.

I am passionate about education, informed choice and affirmation. There are so many decisions expecting families must make, and the information that bombards us can be overwhelming. But with encouragement and the right resources, we can move forward armed with knowledge, making the choices that are best for our families, and understanding the implications of our choices along the way.

Pregnancy, birth and early parenting can be unpredictable. But I know that with the right information, knowing what to do with it, and unwavering empowerment and support we can positively influence our own experiences and create birth stories we’ll want to remember.

Three babies, three births— three different stories. Now that you know mine, I’d love to hear yours.

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  • Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula (2016, Bebo Mia)

  • Child Safety Passenger Technician (2018, CPSAC)

  • First Aid and CPR-C Certified (2016)

  • BA hons., Laurentian University (2010)

  • Birth and Postpartum Doula (in training, Bebo Mia)

Proudly serving Greater Sudbury’s expecting families
through pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Expect to be nurtured!

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