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Maybe it’s your first time…

Maybe you’re preparing to give birth for the first time, and you just feel like something’s missing. There’s a lot of attention surrounding your body, your baby and your physical changes. But what about your emotions? Your desires when it comes to birth? Your hopes for how it will feel to transition through pregnancy to parenthood?

Or you’ve done this before…

Maybe you’ve given birth before and the whole experience didn’t go exactly as you’d planned. Or maybe things went to plan, but you just didn’t feel good about it. Birth is so much more than a purely physical experience– and yet, most of our planning is all about physical preparation. We will work with you to ensure that you are ready emotionally and mentally, feeling confident and knowledgeable as you prepare for your next birth.

We can’t wait to work with you!

We work with expecting families and families that have just welcomed a new baby. We work with families who are trying to conceive, families who have experienced loss, families who are having high risk pregnancies and families birthing in and out of hospital. We work with families under OB and midwifery care. We have designed several packages so you can find the perfect services to meet your family’s needs. CLICK HERE to see your options!

Let’s talk about it

Not sure if a doula is right for you? Please get in touch— we’d love to answer your questions and help you explore how our  expert support could improve your experience. CLICK HERE to contact us!

Nurtured Birth offers premiere birth and postpartum doula services to families in Sudbury who want to enjoy supported, informed and empowered transitions into parenthood.

After meeting Margaret I knew her warm and calming presence would be great to have in the delivery room! This was my second pregnancy and active labour was much more intense this time so I was so thankful to have her in the room helping me through!

Margaret was instrumental in leading me through my labor, and in the agonizing uncomfortable days leading up to it. My birth was both joyous and intense but she knew exactly how to help me navigate it.

Margaret was an essential support in the birth of our son. She was able to work with my husband to make me as comfortable as possible. I felt fully supported and was able to have my son without an epidural, which is what I wanted, even though my labour was induced. I don’t think I would have been able to do that without her support

Margaret arrived well before the midwives, who had a record number of babies birthed that day. She also beat out my husband. What a difference it made having someone who knew exactly what I was going through…

Margaret is a calm and knowledgable presence from the first couple weeks of pregnancy to the baby years. She has been a great support and help to me. She helped me get through a good amount of my labour at home and having someone as encouraging as her on my team really helped me.

Not only was Margaret knowledgable, professional and so helpful, but her presence was so calming. From the second she walked in the door at the birth I felt so comfortable and so safe and confident. She helped to make my birth experience amazing.

Margaret was everything we could have hoped for in a doula. Her support and knowledge was what got us through a very long early labour, and an unmedicated VBAC. She was professional, warm, and caring. She was able to anticipate needs before they even appeared, and her calm demeanour helped us to stay calm too.

Thank you Margaret for the endless encouragement you provided me, for all of the reassuring words you knew to say at exactly the right times throughout my journey and the confidence you had in me!
We learned so much from her, especially from our prenatal meetings. During our birth experience, although different than what was expected, Margaret especially was a great support to my husband. She was always readily available with answers to questions and would check in with us frequently.
I was disappointed about having to be induced yet again but Margaret helped me realize that I can still have the calm experience I wanted and had practiced for. During the birth she walked with me, encouraged me, laughed with me, rocked with me, and held my hands. She was exactly what I needed. She reminded me of what I had wanted when I felt discouraged.

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